Marketing Your Property

Key Services That Promise Results!


  • Listings, updated daily, of properties for sale nationwide
  • Colour photographs with slideshow capabilities of homes
  • Property searches by on-line maps, city names, and postal codes
  • All listings linked by e-mail to our branches or the listing agent

“For Sale” Sign

  • Placed on your property within 24 hours of the MLS listing of the property.
  • 30% of buyers come for the sign.

Classified Advertising

  • Will be successful in selling the specific advertised homes at times
  • Purpose – to create a large pool of potential buyers
  • Our organized group advertising is very effective in attracting many buyers to our doors.

Agent Open Houses

  • Arranged for real estate agents as soon as the home is listed so they can preview it for their clients and customers

Public Open Houses

  • Held on weekends and weekdays as appropriate, with your approval.

Information and full colour photos of your home will be used to create marketing materials. Careful consideration will be given to the size and layout of pictures, the inclusion of copy, and the overall colour balance. The extra attention to detail results in marketing pieces that are a step ahead of the competition.